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Assalamualaikum wbt.

May ALLAH bless us with healthy & happiness always.
I'm so happy today coz i'll going back home for 5 weeks. Ahaha, not real home but place where my journey, my steps and my dream to be a doctor begin known as Jatinangor..( This  entry is relate to my previos one: J-town..feel free to read it as well (",)

We love to call this small town as J-town coz it's seem more comercial and popular with that name..Hehe. Jatinangor is memorable place in my life because i spent most of my life there. FYI, i finished my biomedical degree there two years ago before moved to Bandung as medical intern. In simplest word, J-town is really mean in my life. I will never complete my life phase without going, without struggling there.

Bak kata orang," tempat jatuh lagikan dikenang.
And most kenangan in Jatingor is related to foods. Foods in Jatinongor is cheap a.k.a harga kaki lima Bandung but five star level in taste.. Hehehe. Macam mana tak puji coz membesar badan makan makanan dekat sana kot...Hehe...

When it comes to food, Jatinangor is the best. The yummy and delicious soto Adi Ada Ajah (3A), pecel DAMRI, lumpiah basah and so on always in mind. That the first thing comes in my mind too when my friend told me i need to work at Klinik Padjadjaran for this last rotation. Memang gemok kan...Makan je kerjanya..(",)

This is lumpiah basah, same as popia basah at Malaysia. 

Close up photo: it;s soo yummy.

This lumpiah basah is made of vegetables, kulit popia and so unknown ingredients. I think the unknown ingredients make it soo addicted and yummy..Hehe..Takdelah, unknown ingredients is the black colour fluid, maybe sauce that cover the kulit popiah. This is one highlights in Jatinangor. Your visit at J-town will feel not complete if u don't eat this food..

FYI, that lumpiah basah was eaten by me when i came to J-town last Wednesday. I been there for a while to lapor our rotation. After five minutes at KLIPAD, it's time for food hunting. Lumpiah was choosen after kuciwa PECEL DAMRI tak buka lagi. Mana nak buka, baru pukul 9.30 kot mase tu...Kisah pecel damri i will update later k.

The next five weeks will be memorable time in my life too. Insteed of hunting memorable foods, i have another mission. Yeah, that the most nessesary & important. I need to work and do my jobs as family medical intern at KLIPAD. This will be last rotation before i end up my student life. 

KLIPAD is small clinic near to my university and place where i seek for medical treatment for four years. The same place as before but different situation now.

I'm no longer as patient now. No more complaining of fever, rash, diarhea and so on by me. I'll be there as medical intern, a step before be a doctor. I no longer complain about my problem, but i need to hear and solve other people problem. I need to use my knowleges, my experiences and my clinical judgement to solve all medical problem there...

I know this is a big steps in my life, in my journey and my carrier as well. But i realize, every diffulty will follow by ease. May ALLAH ease my day and give me hidayah for doing my job. Insya-ALLAH.


~A Qoute to Remember~

Katakanlah : " Kalau sekiranya lautan menjadi tinta untuk (menulis) kalimat Tuhanku, sungguh habislah lautan itu sebelum habis (ditulis) kalimat-kalimat Tuhanku, meskipun Kami datangkan tambahan sebanyak itu pula . " ( Al-Kahfi:109)

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