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Assalamualaikum wbt..
This entry live from my home, Kg Rantau Panjang, Lanchang Pahang Malaysia.
Peace and lovely as usual with the super duper happy me (",)

+ Gambar hiasan je:  The Harvest 25.2.2012+

As u all know, i'm already finish my clinical year and now enjoying my holiday for two weeks. Same like before, i spend this holiday at my home with my lovely family. Alhamdulillah, i'm already here after traveling for almost 15 hours form Bandung to Malaysia. 

And for sure, yesterday is hectic day..(",)

Tuesday blues, waiting for my ERP & Pasport. This document finish at 5pm& i took it from Padma at 7 pm. Then, doing my last minute shopping. I just bought baju batik for me and my niece, 5 kilos of salak pondoh and kek lapis. Sorry all coz i'm running out of money for sure..Hehe.

Night before travel to Soekarno Hatta International Airport, i stay up all over night. I spend my night watching Korean series, packing and eating. I have to all this stuff coz i'm worried i can wake up early in the morning and left by my travel.After all, that not happen and i slept on my way to Jakarta. Sampaikan bapak supir yang risau tengok saya kerja tidur je..Hehe

In a word, yesterday also a Tido Day. I spend most of my time traveling home (Bandung-Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur-Pahang) with sleep, sleep, sleep and sleep. Maybe a compensation for a night call form Korean series..=)

After all, i'm already home and my homesick will relieve for sure. 
Just a word from my niece make all my problem and worries gone.
When she call me Bunda for the first time, my mouth keep smiling untill and my heart is so happy..Tu baru anak saudara, kalau anak sendiri nanti tak tahu lah..Hehe

Family and home is the best treatment for this disease
ALLAH, thanks for this lovely holiday..(",)



~A Qoute to Remember~

Katakanlah : " Kalau sekiranya lautan menjadi tinta untuk (menulis) kalimat Tuhanku, sungguh habislah lautan itu sebelum habis (ditulis) kalimat-kalimat Tuhanku, meskipun Kami datangkan tambahan sebanyak itu pula . " ( Al-Kahfi:109)

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